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Thank you for your interest in placing ads!

How much does it cost to advertise?
Our advertisements are based on page impressions.  As an advertiser, you will be able to buy a certain number of "views" for your ad, and we will randomly display your ad for as long as it takes to show it that many times.  We sell ads in units of 1000 views.  In the industry, this is known as CPM.  When you see that the CPM = $20 for a particlar ad space, that means the cost per 1000 views is $20.

Here are some of the advertising opportunities available:

Main header banner (468x60)
This banner is found on the top of every page of MyJewishPortal.com next to the My Jewish Portal logo!  The CPM on this one (cost per 1000 views) is just $10!

Content banner (300x100)
Found mainly on the homepage (though, also appearing on select other pages), these horizontal banners have prime placement within the content area of the page.  The CPM is $10

Right-side ad boxes (180x150)
These banners are found in the green bar on the right side of most pages.  They are commonly below the sorting and personalization options on calendar pages, and on many pages that don't have sorting options, these ads zoom right up to the top of the column.  The CPM on these ads is $8. 

Left-side ad boxes (180x150)
These banners, found below the menu on the left side of almost every page, are an excellent option for low-cost advertising.  We display up to three of these on the average page, and yours will be randomly cycled in.  Sometimes it will be on top, sometimes not. The CPM is $7. 

The minimum ad buy is $100.

For more information and to get started advertising today,
please call (818)564-6774 or email advertise@myjewishportal.com.


Sponsorship Opportunities

My Jewish Portal Sponsorship
We're looking for someone to help pay the bills. We're willing to put your name everywhere if you would like to help us help the Jewish community.  Just to give you a taste, imagine the header of this page saying, "My Jewish Portal, brought to you by YOUR NAME HERE".  If this sounds like your cup of tea, contact us.