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Intimacy, Sex and Spirituality~
Monday, March 15 at 7:00PM

To pay online  visit www.sexualitysalon.com

In this salon, we will be discussing the masculine aspect of human sexuality.  Male drive is powerful and direct. Yet there are perplexing and hidden aspects to the way men function sexually that will be brought to light during our conversation.

Join Dr. Dunas as she presents an anatomy and physiology lesson, sexual technique and spiritual cultivation class. This salon will explore the following subjects:  

• Stronger orgasms – what factors determine orgasmic strength
and how to insure that you (or your beloved) reach full potential
• Multiple orgasms (yes, they are possible)
• Why foreplay is important for men 
• The male G Spot
• How good sex can lower men’s cancer rates
• Better ways to excite and inspire your favorite penis
• Stamina: how to insure that your sexual ability will last a lifetime
• Masturbation techniques that help a man honor himself and 
 improve his skills
• When life gets your penis down (or how to cope when life 
challenges performance)
• The single most exciting thing a woman can do for a man

• An in-class exercise to help men and women experience the
spiritual aspect of their sexuality

To register visit www.sexualitysalon.com

Price increases at noon on Friday March 12th

G2 Gallery
5301 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Venice, CA 90291

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Event Contact:
Phone: 310 740-1122

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