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Jewlarious Jewish New Years Resolutions — Jewish Site of the Week

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

Have you been thinking about what you’ll change during the coming year? Well, Jewlarious, a small sub-category of the all-encompassing realm, takes a look at some of “History’s Famous Jew Year’s Resolutions”. To put that in terms that might make sense to you, it’s a collection of fictional New Year’s Resolutions, taken from the “actual” diaries of famous Jews of the past.

From Albert Einstein’s efforts to find a hair detangler, to Harry Houdini’s desire to find his house keys that seem to just disappear, this is sure to be a fun, quick read.

Enjoy Jewlarious’ Famous Jew Years Resolutions, and happy new year to all!

Hulu’s “Christmas Time for the Jews” video — Jewish site of the week

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

It’s not a complete site, but as Christmas approaches, it’s fun to think about what we Jews will be doing that evening.

Check out this vintage Saturday Night Live music video, “Christmas Time for the Jews”, for a jolly good time.

Accu Holidays — Jewish site of the week

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

ok, so maybe this isnt specifically a “Jewish” site, but we had to give a shout out to Accu Radio, an online radio service that plays great songs year round, for creating a complete channel just for Hanukkah.

We listened for a little while, and it’s not actually all “hanukah” music — more like Jewish music (we heard Avinu Malkeinu in there), but at least they’re giving it a shot.  It reminds us of how grocery stores advertise matzo ball soup mix and kosher grape juice in their Hanukah ads, as if we celebrate every holiday with chicken soup…

Nevertheless, for finally giving us Jews something to listen to, 24 hours a day (if you can endure it that long), much nachas to Accu Radio, our site of the week.

Click here to visit the Accu Radio Holidays page, where you can click on “smooth Hanukkah” to open the Jewish station.

Hanukkah Site — Jewish Site of the Week

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

We like this site for two reasons — it helps us find good deals on Hanukkah gifts, and it has more latke recipes than we could possibly make in 10 years.

Who knew that you could make “carrot-almond” or “corn and red pepper” latkes!?! My, what a world we live in!

For its creative list of latke recipes, fun family activity ideas and a list of great gift deals updated daily, we name Hanukkah Site as our site of the week!

Azara Jewish Jokes — Jewish Site of the Week

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

Who doesn’t love poking fun at themselves? Well, we do. And that’s why Jewish jokes make us laugh.

There are lots of sites out there with Jokes, and we just stumbled upon

We suggest holding your hand up over the right side of the page, so you have a better chance of reading all the way through some of the jokes before your brain turns to mush on ad-sensory overload. But aside from that, Azara Jokes is a great place to spend a few procrastinating minutes. You can even sign up for their joke of the day email, in case you dont get enough spam.

For making us chuckle on our journey toward the truly good websites, Azara Jokes, you are our site of the week!

3D Israel — Jewish Site of the Week

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

If you’ve been to Israel, then boy, do we have a fun site for you.  Revisit some of your favorite spots, from the kotel to a small souvenir shop in the Old City at’s 3D Israel.

We spent quite a bit of time astonished by the high-def 360-degree views of Eilat’s beaches and hot spots in Tel Aviv.  Someone really knew what they were doing when they pieced together these panoramas.

For a job well done (and hopefully more to come), we name 3D Israel as our site of the week for November 23rd. — Jewish site of the week

Monday, November 16th, 2009

It takes a very committed group of people to create a complete website just for Jewish humor,  and that’s exactly what you’ll find at — your “Kosher Comedy Community”.

If you’re looking for a laugh about swine flu in shul or what to do when Halloween falls on Shabbat, you’ll want to spend a few hours on this witty site.

They get a little off topic with their “apartments that bang” classifieds/rent section, and the “events that bang” calendar section (most events seem to be in New York), but if you stick with the top half of the page, you should be fine.

So, mazal tov to — My Jewish Portal’s first-ever  Jewish Site of the Week!