Vaera Torah Portion Summary

God instructed Moses and his brother Aaron to tell Pharaoh to let the Israelites go.

In order to do so, God first had Moses and Aaron demonstrate God’s power by turning a staff into a snake.

Pharaoh instructed his magicians to do the same, and was thus unimpressed, even when Aaron’s snake ate theirs.

Moses then dipped his staff into the Nile,  turning all of the water into blood.

Pharaoh dismissed this aswell, since his magicians were able to do the same.

Since Pharaoh’s heart was stiffened, God then brought frogs upon the land, and then vermin and insects.

With each plague, Pharaoh agreed to let the Israelites leave.

However, once the plague was lifted, his heart was hardened.

The Lord then struck all Egyptian livestock with disease, gave boils to all Egyptian people and caused deadly hail to fall upon them aswell.

Pharaoh was impressed with each of these acts, since his magicians were unable to reproduce them, but he remained stubborn and would not let the Israelites go.

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